American/Swedish Social Foodie... 

When I travel I always appreciate experiencing life as a local with locals.


At EATGOT we offer you a local dining experience. You can Eat Nordic cuisine at my home, join for a food tour, and I am also happy to arrange private catering or private tours for your special events.

Why a food tour? Because there are many great places to dine in Gothenburg and too few nights to try them all.  I will take you to a few of my favorites in one night, enjoying a course at each.


Feel like eating in? Enjoy Nordic social dining with me at my home. EATGOT provides a means for locals and visitors alike to try a variety of dishes in good company.

“I've lived in Gothenburg my entire life and was introduced to places I have never heard of”

Upcoming Events
Social Dining
Wed, Aug 26
My New Restaurant
Aug 26, 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
My New Restaurant, Järntorget, Gothenburg, Sweden
Life at Covid19 must include Social Dining. We host up to six guests at our dining table for an intimate experience you can't find anywhere else. Meet locals and visitors, enjoy healthy nordic cuisine, and enjoy personal interaction.