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American/Swedish Social Foodie... 

When I travel I always appreciate experiencing life as a local with locals, and local food. 


At EATGOT we offer you a local dining experience. You can Eat Nordic cuisine at home, join for a food tour, and I am also happy to arrange private catering or private tours for your special events.

Why Social Dining? Enjoy Nordic social dining with my husbnd and I in our home. EATGOT provides a means for locals and visitors alike to try a variety of dishes in good company.  Every experience is customized to the guests that join. 

Why a food tour? Because there are many great places to dine in Gothenburg and too few nights to try them all.  I will take you to a few of my favorites in one night, enjoying a course at each.

“I've lived in Gothenburg my entire life and was introduced to places I have never heard of”

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